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No need to add load to your own development team - and no need to wait.

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Artist Insights

Social, Playlists, Discography, Streaming and more

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Beatchain Insights Dashboard
Beatchain Distribution Dashboard

Distribution with Full Analytics

Reach all major DSPs, plus YouTube, TikTok and more

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Beatchain Royalty Dashboard

Royalty & Splits Management

Detailed breakdown by track, platform, demographic and country

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Artist Wallet and Contributor Payouts

Fast, secure payments to accounts anywhere in the world

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Beatchain Payout Dashboard
Beatchain Fan Builder Dashboard

Fan Builder

Create effective, goal-driven, paid social ad campaigns - based on your data without needing to hire a marketing genius

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Backstage Admin Portal

Have complete administrative control over the artists on your platform

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Beatchain Backstage Admin Portal
Beatchain Fraud Dashboard

Streaming Fraud Protection

AI driven technology that acts as an early warning system for streaming fraud, protecting the industry and your money

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Provided as a fully managed service from
Beatchain Technology Services

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Why Managed Services?

The problem:

To be the best in your industry you must strive to deliver the best service and results to your customers in a timely fashion. In the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Until now, if you wanted to deliver high impact, music industry “artist services” – which can include but is not limited to: Social Media Data Management, Distribution to all DSPs, Streaming Analysis, Royalty & Splits Management, Promotional Ad Campaigns, Smart URLs etc. - then you would need to utilise a combination of separate, expensive, commercially available tools.

These tools are designed to be good at what they do individually, but the data they produce is not designed to be shared or integrated between them. Which means, to see how well your systems are performing, you likely need to use a further, expensive business intelligence (BI) tool to see the full picture.

An alternative to this conundrum is to attempt to “build it all yourself”. This though requires a significant investment in skilled technologists (that are expert in all the above capabilities) and time or, will add significant new load to your existing development team.

Building enterprise quality platforms takes many years, and there is no guarantee at the outset that the platform will deliver as expected or that the market requirements won’t have changed completely in the meantime.

The solution:

Beatchain has already made that investment and built the product you need. It’s available now, fully tested and can be branded as your own product.

Managed services means that for a competitive monthly fee you can immediately offer those high impact artist services your customers want. You can spend your valuable time attracting new customers and being in the business you really wanted to be in – while Beatchain (through Beatchain Technology Services) operates and maintains the platform for you or with you, making sure it is performing as you expected and is kept up to date with the needs of an ever-changing industry.

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